Why to buy a villa in southern Spain - Costa Calida?

There are many good reasons to escape to southern Spain, by example :

The quality of life is much better for your health thanks to the good weather. Enjoy the best climate in Mazarron-Camposol: up to 320 days = 2.800 hours of sunshine each year. In Camposol, it is cold at 20° C in January! You can say goodbye to the winter blues and high winter energy bills. Here, you can eat in the garden or on a terrace most days of the year (breakfast lunch and dinner).

Spanish cost of living is much lower than in the north, income tax in Spain is below the EU average, so you get more for your money and enjoy a higher standard of living.

Fantastic beaches, plenty of mountains and parks, historical small towns and villages, hospitality of the warm and friendly spanish people, ...

Easy accessibility : 3 international Airports situated at Alicante, San Javier (Murcia) and Corvera (Murcia City).

A person from an EU country may use the health system in Spain, both as a tourist and as a resident. The Region of Murcia-Mazarron offers exceptional and quick medical treatment and many new hospitals recognised as far superior to the U.K.

British and other EU citizens, intending to remain in Spain for a continuous period, are able to reside in Spain with a valid passport (or DNI where applicable), ...

Where to buy a beautiful detached house in Spain?

A place in the sun! You may be interested in buying a spanish property in the Costa del Azahar, Costa Dorada, Balearic islands, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa de Almeria, Costa de la Luz, Costa del Sol and Andalucia or.Costa Calida, ... or elsewhere ...
Without knowing, without having lived in Spain, it is easy to be misguided ...

A good place in summer can be very bad in winter !            Be careful !

Examples than you can easily find on the web:

The Costa del Sol means "Coast of Sun" .... right? Well, the answer to that is - while there certainly is an awful lot of sun and temperatures in the high 40's in the summer months, there are also plenty of other variations, Costa del Torrential Rain, Costa del Hurricane Force Winds ....even Costa del Snow? You don't think it's possible?

You know the variety of British weather where all four seasons can easily be experienced in one day - but I needn't have worried, not only do we experience all types of weather but it's often in its most dramatic form, in fact I didn't realise that it was possible to experience such extremes of weather on the Costa del Sol!

Here is the truth about the best place to live all seasons in southern Spain.
You must know that the micro-climate of Costa Calida ("warm coast") is recognised as one of the best in the world. In the winter months the Costa Calida is lucky enough to have nearly as many sunny days as in the summertime. Costa Calida is known for its dry weather, it is not as cold or wet in the winter, nor as humid or hot in the summer as the famous Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Malaga, Torremolinos or other Costas ...

This is the real reason to choose Costa Calida over other ... !
The Costa Calida, (Region of Murcia - Mazarron - Camposol) is a place in the sun and a beautiful region with mountains stretching along most of the Mediterranean coast. Camposol has a wide range of tourist opportunities.
The Murcia region is little known even within Spain, maybe that's the reason why it continues to be relatively unspoilt compared to other more overcrowded areas of the Spanish Mediterranean coast.
The charm of Mazarron resides in its fishing port, two marinas, varied and numerous beaches, 35 kilometres of coast of which 10 of them are still virgin and are amazingly beautiful. These sandy beaches and rocky coves have the coveted European Blue Flag signifying cleanliness and safe bathing. You can also improve your golf swing, enjoy the tasty gastronomy and the different leisure activities, thalassotherapy, nautical and underwater activities, trekking in the mountains, ...
Fiestas or festivals are also very high on the agenda in Mazarron.

Formalities and steps for the purchase of the villa for sale

"N.I.E." Registration.
What is an NIE number and why do I need one ?

In Spain you cannot legally buy property, a house, car, boat etc without having applied to the police for your NIE number and had your NIE documentation returned.   Likewise, you cannot enter into a contract for the supply of electricity, water or a telephone line etc without giving your NIE number together with your bank details because these services will only accept clients whose bills are paid automatically from a bank.   Neither can you arrange an insurance policy or order goods or services, sign on for the National Social Security, Health Service or commence a job without showing your NIE number.

Applying for your NIE number when in Spain : Go to your local National Police Station and ask for an application form.

Take with you :
                               - Your Passport
                               - A photocopy of your passport
                               - Two coloured passport size photographs
                               - You must give your Spanish address of your residence in Spain.

Take Note ! Processing your application takes a minimum of one week or as long as 5 weeks.
Caution !
You will often be asked to show your NIE registration document at the various ministries etc. Always carry photocopies but never allow anyone to retain your original.

Some taxes and fees

Investors in property abroad have long chosen Spain and "Murcia" as a favourite destination. If you are willing to buy the luxury property in Mazarron Camposol, keep in mind there are some taxes and fees you shall pay :

- The transfer tax = I.T.P.A.J.D. = Impuesto de Transmisión Patrimonial y Actos Juridicos Documentados = 8 % of the price sale of the house,   The purchaser must pay this upon signature of the sales contract.   If you are willing to buy a property in Spain you should first get the tax registration number, the NIE if you are non-resident or the NIF if you are Spanish resident, it allows you to pay the corresponding taxes in Spain.

- Notary: you must pay the notary fees when you sign the deed, these are fixed on official scale ( 0,1% à 0,5 %)

- Property Registry: you must pay the registration of the deed at the property registry in order the property of the house can be transferred to you. (0,1 % à 0,2 %)

The Real Estate Tax ( Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles IBI ) :

This is a local tax levied on your spanish property en Mazarron-Camposol A (Murcia) and charged annually by the municipality (Mazarron), where the villa is registered.

All property owners in Spain (residents and non-residents) are obliged to pay the Real Estate Tax (Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles - IBI) annually to the Town Hall where the property is registered, they may do it directly or through a Spanish bank, if you are non-resident, the last solution should be the best one for you.
The amount of the tax is calculated by reference to the official value of the property (valor catastral) registered in respect of all properties in Spain.

The total of the average expenses of this house in Camposol A during 2009 = 6.200 euros.
                            (Insurance of the property + Power station of alarm + Electricity + Water + Taxes IBI)

Formalities to be completed

when settling in your home in spain, Mazarron - Camposol

For a stay longer than three months in Spain, you must apply within a period of thirty days after the entrance date in Spain for a residence card (at the relevant police station or foreigners office). Not all EU countries require this residence card and your right to reside does not derive from this card. However, it is recommended since you will be requested to present it when completing basic formalities such as opening a resident bank account, buying a car, etc.

1) Ensure you are in possession of the following documents
          - Valid passport and/or identity card for you
          - Your valid driving licence
          - Your car’s technical specifications
          - Evidence of VAT payment for your car

2) Contact the relevant social security institution, in order to:
          - Clarify what are your and your family members’ rights if you go and live in Spain.
          - In order to cover, while abroad, sickness, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, retirement allocations and other rights that you may have and that are exportable, obtain from your social security institution all necessary and relevant forms and/or the European Health Insurance Card

3) Contact the relevant taxation authorities in your country of origin in order to:
          - Ask for information and advice on tax declaration and formalities

4) Inform your town hall or police station that you are leaving the country

Upon arrival, be sure to contact all relevant bodies and authorities.

When arriving in Mazarron Camposol - Spain, you should register with the local social security insurance in order to get access to sickness and other social security benefits. You will be entitled to all benefits in kind provided under the law of the host country. These benefits comprise medical and dental care, medicines and hospitalisation, as well as direct payments intended to reimburse the costs of these. As a general rule, they are provided according to the legislation of Spain as if you were insured in Spain.
Present all relevant forms (for sickness, unemployment, retirement etc.) and/or the European Health Insurance Card.

Register your car within 6 months after your entrance in Spain.

Contact the relevant taxation authorities of Spain in order to ask for information and advice on tax declaration and formalities, as well as bilateral agreements with country of origin.

The administrative formalities ( for example NIE ) and others, the payments of the expenses and the taxes can be easily accomplished (for a moderate load) via our legal advisor :
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