Technical Card Index

Card-index technical

Building materials :

External walls : Regional ochre colour stones, old and rustic style. Advantage : no wall painting in the future !

Roof : Round tiles typical for the area

Window frames : White coated aluminium. Advantage : no painting in the future !      Shutters to all windows.

Balustrades : Mass yellow tinted. Advantage : no painting in the future !

Wrought iron barriers, window grids and entrance doors grid : Galvanized and coated. ( no painting in the future ! )

Garage doors : Galvanized and coated. Advantage : no painting in the future !

Terraces : tiled

Gardens paths : stone covered

Coatings external stairs :
                    - white marble between floors (via terraces)
                    - stones between floors (via gardens)
                    - tiled till the end of the property

Tiling :
Floor cover on the entire villa (including garages, storerooms, other zones).
On walls of all the kitchens, bathrooms, WC and wash-house.

Marble, travertine and granite :
The bathrooms and WC are decorated with granite, white marble or travertine.
The kitchen units in both the two kitchens granite made.
In the one level 1st floor are the dining-room tables, living room as well as mural furniture made of travertine
The interior staircase between stages 2 and 3 is granite made.

Woodworks :
                        Floor 1     (one level)
                                            - External doors in oak
                                            - Interior doors and pieces of furniture out of maple wooden

                        Floors 2 and 3     (duplex housing).
                                            - External doors in oak
                                            - Interior doors and pieces of furniture in oak

                        Floor 4
                                            - External doors in pine

Soundproofing : 40 cm of insulating materials between the two residences (floor 1 and floor 2)

Empty Spaces :
Important accessible spaces underneath major part of floors and terraces.
Easy possibility for transformation or improvement.

Lighting of the terraces, paths and staircases :
External lighting : 70 luminous points with economic bulbs.
Movement detectors : automatic lighting of the property access points (movement detectors commanding 9 luminous points).

Connections :

Electricity : Departing from the meter, there are 3 independent sources for power supply :
                    1) one for floor 1
                    2) one for floors 2 and 3
                    3) one for the air conditioning system
                    Meter with night tariff   (advantage: economy guaranteed ).

Sewers :
Worn water and WC connected to sewers (underground sewing system).
Drain and external evacuation of rainwater outside the property.

Hot water : three boilers electric "Edesa" (one per floor).

SPA : (bathroom on floor 2)   Jacuzzi, system of hydromassage air-water "Sharon" marks Baños 10 - bath-tub circular (1,60 meter diameter)

Connections of televisions, telephones, and internet :
Several wall-plugs for television, telephone, and Internet everywhere in the building.
Several antennas : parabolic and traditional (+ TNT: Spanish numerical television).
The safety room on the second floor centralizes the wire connections and the 3 television decoders (commanded by interior antennas).

Connections on floor 1 :
                                        - television : 4
                                        - telephone : 5
                                        - internet : 4

Connections on floor 2 :
                                        - television : 3
                                        - telephone : 3

Connections on floor 3 :
                                        - television : 2
                                        - telephone : 3
                                        - internet : 2

Telephone exchange :
- allows interior use of the telephone (communication possible between the various floors of the villa)
- allows external use of the telephone (contract to be taken out with a telephone company).
- allows to connect the gate-watch videos to the telephone exchange
   (from each interior telephone is the communication possible with the visitors).

Heating, air conditioning :

a) Air conditioning (hot or cold) in all the rooms     (systems "Inverter" Mitsubishi and "Daiya" Mitsubishi)

b) Operated by remote control and room thermostat in each room

c) The external air conditioning devices (awkward) are installed in a specific room and are not visible from the
     outside ! (See photographs stages 2 and 4)

d) On the second floor, a system pipe and tube works allows the spreading of the air conditioning (hot or cold)
     in living rooms and bathrooms (mural room thermostat in each room).

e) Electric radiators "CD Elegance - Farho" in the kitchen and bathrooms (stage 1) (see photographs)

Equipment and electric household appliances :

2 Kitchen upper ranged equipped

Kitchen floor 1 :

                    Kitchen unit out of granite and furniture out of maple wooden
                    Multi-function cooking oven with Microwave - stainless (S200X/1 - Smeg)
                    Ceramic hob - TouchControl - 75 cm (SE2756TC - Smeg)
                    Hood stainless - 90 cm (KSET90 - Smeg)
                    Dishwasher - built-in - stainless - extremely quiet (STX2-2 - Smeg)
                    Sink - stainless 18/10 - two vats (AP102D - Smeg)
                    Tap with extractable scanner stainless head (Roca - Monomando M2)
                    Upright built-in fridge (FL224A - Smeg)

Kitchen floor 2   ( installation beginning 2007 ) :

                    Kitchen unit out of granite and furniture out of maple wooden
                    Multi-function cooking oven - pyrolysis - stainless (5H-780 X Fagor)
                    Multi-function cooking oven with microwave - stainless (HBC 84K550 Bosch)
                    Ceramic hob - TouchControl - 90 cm (PKV 975 T01 Bosch)
                    Quiet decorative stainless hood - 90 cm (Perla Pro Mepansa)
                    Quiet dishwasher - glass protect - integrated - stainless (SGV 09T13 EU Bosch)
                    Sink - stainless steel microlinen finishing - 18/10 - (Cuadro 45 - 1C1E Teka)
                    Tap with extractable scanner stainless head (MW Teka)
                    Built-in fridge/freezer (KIV 32441 FF Bosch)
                    Corner piece of furniture (last technology) : chrome sliding baskets
                    Corner drawers (last technology) : drawers "Dynamic Space" Blum.

Equipped laundry (behind kitchen) : floor 1

                    Kitchen unit out of granite and furniture out of maple wood Racks, arrangement cupboards, ...
                    Automatic washing machine (max Confor WFR2460 Bosch)
                    Dryer (WTA3200 Bosch)
                    Standing Fridge : Cooler Bosch
                    Standing Freezer Bosch
                    Powerful vacuum cleaner (Dyson)
                    Steam cleaner (Polti Vaporetto EcoPro 3000)
                    Steam iron, ironing board, ...

6 bathrooms and 6 W.C.

Floor 1         ( housing on one level ) :

                    Creval Valves and fittings.
                    Roca Wash-hand basins.

Floors 2 and 3   ( housing in duplex - installation 2007 ) :

                    Valves and fittings Grohe Eurowing and Amura.
                    Movario showers "Champagne" Grohe
                    Wash-hand basins Roca porcelain.
                    Built-in washing machine (WFXI 2440 EE digital display Bosch).
                    Quiet built in electronic dryer - with special water drainage system (WTE 6920 HAVE - Bosch).